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CrossFitter && Star Wars enthusiast

do it for the booty #crossfit
snapchat lies and makes me look good, but fuck it I’ll roll with it
#naps #crossfit #competitions

today I made a snapchat story

I did a competition in PA yesterday called Battle Royale, it was fun

holy shit.

today’s events were nerve wrecking. like Nathan Bramblett (from our neighbor box CrossFit Oyster Point) is in 4th and he, troyan, and Ben smith where all neck and neck in both events and omg it was so close until like the last 30sec of each.

I was planning on working out today but instead ate almost half of a pizza and what feels like 7 dozen cookies. nailed it.



bulletproof coffee

has anyone ever had it? I swear to god it’s life changing and it’s fantastic and gives you so much energy like 10hrs worth and it tastes good and ugh it lifts your mood I LOVE IT

somehow I improved after the deadline, so that’s what’s up


two days!!

I wonder what the first WOD will be..

I’m assuming something with burpees though

CrossFit competitions in a nut shell

today was pretty awesome #teamsuperfit #crossfit