a. HP

CrossFitter && Star Wars enthusiast


bulletproof coffee

has anyone ever had it? I swear to god it’s life changing and it’s fantastic and gives you so much energy like 10hrs worth and it tastes good and ugh it lifts your mood I LOVE IT

somehow I improved after the deadline, so that’s what’s up


two days!!

I wonder what the first WOD will be..

I’m assuming something with burpees though

CrossFit competitions in a nut shell

today was pretty awesome #teamsuperfit #crossfit
2 weekends in a row…

team super fit competition tomorrow in Richmond

kinda cool

supreme hyper mobility on that first attempt #teamgrit #crossfit

3RM front squat

3RM front squat

it’s blurry for some reason and check out my supreme hyper mobility on that first MU attempt then I made up for it

also if you couldn’t hear, my names HP lol
lifting more

still suffering from some serious Fran lung

i PR’d Fran by 5sec.. FIVE seconds

I mean I guess that’s better than nothing and it’s the second time I’ve trained since Christmas and I drank a lot and I guess I’m making up excuses

I aimed for sub 5 and got 5:23RX


side note
I just cannot improve on DL and I don’t know why, I was stuck at 215 for like 9mo and only PR’d by 5lb which is great but I mean still